Sunday, November 13, 2011

Four Months Old

Here's a glimpse into our lives this month!

Dad asked Elias why he always woke him up instead of mom.  Elias said, "I don't know.  That's just how I was made."

Brant's head still has a flat spot, and so we have been referred to a plastic surgeon for a helmet.  The first appointment, the doctor came in, looked at him, and said he would definitely need a helmet at 6 months.  We are returning in 4 weeks to see if there is any change.  He was also referred to First Steps for his torticollis.  We were given stretches (which he hates!) and a physical therapist will start seeing him once a week next month!

Even though we've been trying to lay the babies down in their room.  They find a way to weasel themselves into our room almost every night.  Even Elias tries to work his way in some nights.  I guess it's a good thing we have a king-size bed.

Brax automatically rolls to his right as soon as you put him down.

I finally broke down and got them a bathtub.  With Elias, I could just lay a towel down in the bottom of the tub and run an inch of water.  But with these guys, I can never find the time for that.  So we have a whale tub now and I took some videos of them in it!

Four month old doctor appointment stats:
Brant: 13 lbs, 5 oz;  23 3/4" long
Brax: 12 lbs, 1 oz; 25 1/4" long

The babies have started to put everything in their mouths.

Steve is getting Lasik eye surgery.  He got his 3 year bonus and has decided to use some of it to get his eyes corrected.  His vision is 20/400.  The man is blind!

I have been sick the ENTIRE month of November.  First I got strep throat, then we all got a stomach virus (except Elias, not sure how he escaped that!), then the flu which turned into a fantastic cough.  Lucky for me, Daddy is a fantastic Daddy and took care of everyone while I laid in bed. 

We enjoyed our first Halloween!  Unfortunately, we couldn't get a group picture because Elias went out trick-or-treating by himself (with Daddy, of course) while Brant, Mimi, Mamaw, Grandpa Jim and I answered the door.  Brax slept through the whole thing (he wasn't feeling well).  By the time Elias got home, Brant had already puked all over his costume and had been changed.  By the time Brax got up and got his costume on, Elias had already changed and was getting ready for bed.  Oh well, they all looked very cute.  Next year, we'll get a good picture!

My family has become addicted to Angry Birds!