Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

Mimi bought the boys a wagon for their birthday.  Today, Brax decided to give Brant a ride.  Note the grunting it requires for him to pull his brother who outweighs him by a pound...

We went to the State Fair today!  Elias is doing much better about riding the big rides.  He still enjoys the little ones too though.  We went to the monster truck show.  Elias made Daddy sit at the very very top. (Cause it was SOOO loud!) The babies lasted about two minutes before the screaming began...

I forgot to put Brant's shorts on him before I laid him down for nap.  He pooped.  He took his diaper off.  He ate his own poop.  No need to say more.

Brax had his very first haircut.  I miss his curls already!  Sniff sniff.

Elias - "That can't be ILLEGAL!"

Elias - "I wasn't going to eat, but my stomach was YELLING at me."

August 18 - The babies attended their very first major league baseball game.  Saturday afternoon, we drove to Cincinnati to watch the Cubs beat the reds.  The babies had a great time.  We had a rough 5th inning, but after getting their second wind, they were both dancing and clapping.  Elias, however, petered out early and spent most of the game curled up on a lap with his ears covered.

The next day, Mamaw and I took the kids to the Newport Aquarium and ate lunch at a very cook grilled cheese place.  They had doughnut grilled cheese.  Steve wasn't there to order that, but it looked like it could be yummy.  Steve and Jim stayed to watch another Cubs game (they lost).

I tried to get a picture of Brant next to the bird like the one with Mamaw.  Except...Brant grabbed the bird, it pecked, he freaked.

The whole time we were there, Elias kept talking about the sharks.  He was so excited to see the sharks.  The sharks are last, of course, so we get there, and I can't find Elias.  Turns out...this guy scares him...

Tonight, as I was changing Brax's diaper, he grabbed the diaper out from under him.  I just grabbed another diaper, so he could play with the original one.  Meanwhile, Brant toddled in and saw what was happening.  He walked over, said, "No no no," took the diaper from Brax and handed it to me.  So cute!