Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012

We enjoyed our annual Atlanta trip!  It may have been one of the best trips ever.  Everyone was able to go.  Even Mackey and Myra came down and spent a couple of days with us.  Of course, we were missing the patriarch of the family.

Some highlights:

Vinny's band played at the Fourth of July pool party.  Jeremy joined in.  He played his sax, the drums, the harmonica and even sang a song or two.  We also sang Happy Birthday to Kaylee and made her stand in front of everyone, which I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed.  The boys enjoyed the pool and we finished the day with fireworks from the driveway.

The next day, we went Canoeing!  Elias hated every second of it. He was convinced that Steve and I were going to capsize the boat and he would be crushed on the rocks.  We did get stuck once...but that's just because I had an inexperienced driver in the back!  Luckily, Vinny rescued us.  Unluckily, we had to listen to Elias yell at us the remainder of the trip.  Vinny and Mackey bet Jeremy that he couldn't stand in the freezing water up to his neck for three minutes.  He did it!  He then told them that they could earn their money back if they did the same.  Vinny took the challenge and crushed it, adding another minute or two onto his time.  Mackey wimped out.

Later that night, we all suited up in our Cubs (and Braves) gear and headed out to a baseball game at Turner Field.  We won't discuss which team won.

On Friday, we went to the lake.  The bees were TERRIBLE!  Although the twins loved playing in the sand, they were ready for a nap early and I was tired of dodging bees, so we left early.  The rest of the gang stayed (including Elias) and did the usual boating, skiing, tubing, swimming, eating thing.   Dustin brought a board thing (wakeboard, maybe?) and was the only one who could successfully get up and doing anything on it, although Jacob tried.

That night, we had the twins' birthday party.  Brant loved his cake, shoving it into this mouth in fistfuls.  Brax hated it.  He eventually threw it on the ground (on Mackey's foot). 


The last morning, we opened the gifts we had forgotten the night before and had the first lemon tasting before getting in the van for the long drive home.

This year has gone by so fast.  It was such a challenging and fun year, and yet I've already forgotten what it's like to have itty bitty babies.  I love each stage they experience.  They still make me cry and want to eat them up all at the same time.  We are so, so blessed with such gorgeous kids and they are blessed to have so many people around them that love them so.  Happy birthday babies!

For the first time in a long time, Elias decided he wanted to go to the grocery store with me.  However, he refused (REFUSED)  to get out of the cart.  Some stranger even stopped and took a picture.

1 year doctor's appt.:
Brant 29 1/2" tall; 20 lbs 3 1/2 oz
Brax 31 3/8" tall; 19lbs 1 oz

 Birthday Parties!  Daddy turns 34...Elias turns 6...Twins turn 1

For Daddy's birthday, we went downtown to eat at High Velocity in Uncle Jeremy's hotel.  Then we headed over to the Indian's game.  They lost.  Uncle Jeremy and his friends and Kaylee joined us for the game.

Elias wanted to have a similar party to last year, so we ordered the bounce house and filled up the pool!

After the friend party, the family came over and we continued the fun!  Elias got some spy stuff and gun that makes sounds, which he asked for over and over again.  The babies fell in love with the wagon Mimi bought them and refused to get out, allow the other one to get in, and needed to be constantly pulled.  Too cute.

This morning, I was trying to change Brax's diaper.  He got up mid-change and walked away...

7/17/12 My first baby turned 6 today!  Daddy told him that he would wake him up at midnight to tell him happy birthday!  At 10:20p he was still awake, but didn't make it to midnight.

This morning, he came down to a donut breakfast, balloon, and a Wii game: Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympics.  He's been saying "Marrrriiooo" for the past couple of weeks.

Later, we went to the park and took the yearly birthday pictures.  All three were grouchy and whiny.  It was hot, but sheesh.  We got some good ones anyway:

Brant has started saying "Uh oh!" while dropping everything he can off of his tray during meals.  Fantastic.

Brant is up and walking!

I told Elias that he was on thin ice one day.  He now asks me, "What kind of ice am I on now? Thick? Thin? Cracked? In the water?"  Brat.

My little baby birds...

These babies are so different!  Brant is always the first one to sleep and the first one up.  Brax likes to cuddle in the morning for about 10 minutes or so before he'll get down to play.  Brant will eat anything, but only after he has kicked it out of his mouth a few times to examine it.  Brax is much pickier.  Even when they do eat the same meals, Brax barely needs wiped off while Brant needs a bath:

We have officially hit the end of another t-ball season!  Elias is a really good player.  He's still working on catching, but he's a fantastic thrower and and hitter.


 Today, after I changed Brant's diaper, he said, "All done!" No amount of bribing or begging will convince him to say it again though.