Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Break

 So this week, we are on Fall Break!  In the past, I would've loved the relaxation of the 4-day break.  However, these's more work to stay home than it is to go to work! And to add to it, Steve has drill all weekend.  Boo!

Elias, however, needs a breakMore like his teacher needs a break from him.  He has been in trouble so much this school year.  He's been in the principal's office more than once.  Well, more than twice; sometimes for hitting, sometimes for throwing mulch, a lot of times for talking out when he's supposed to be quiet.  Imagine that, right?  We've punished him, rewarded him, threatened him, and called everyone I know to help him.  Hopefully, he'll mature a little soon and stop getting in trouble at school.  Here's to hoping, right?

Update on the babies...they are 15 weeks now.  They are very smiley and talkative.  They slept through the night for the first time, in their own cribs, on their 3 month birthday.  Now, we can pretty much count on Brant sleeping through the night consistently.  Brax has been getting up around 3:30, eating and then going back to bed.

We've also been taking lots of trips to the doctor.  We think Brax has silent reflux.  He has been foaming at the mouth, coughing and sneezing, seems to be uncomfortable, arches his back, wants to be held, digs his face into blankets and shoulders, is gassy and burps gross, gets the hiccups a lot, has low weight gain (he weighs almost a whole pound less than Brant) and so on.  The doctor started him on some Zantac.  He seems to be happier, but the cough has lingered.

Brant has a flat spot on his head.  We've noticed for awhile that he likes to only look to the left.  This has caused a pretty significant flat spot.  The doctor has been keeping an eye on it for a couple of months now.  We try and do neck stretches with him, but he belts out loud, painful screams still.  So we have First Steps coming out to address tightness in his muscles...not just his neck, and an appointment with plastic surgeons at St. Vincent next month.  He may end up needing a little helmet to reshape his head.  Otherwise, he is pretty perfect.

Fun facts: Brant rolls from his belly to his back.  Brax rolls from his back to his belly.  Also, Brant is grabbing toys now.  However, he doesn't know how to let go.  He gets mad and yells at it, rips his hand around...nothing works.  :)

Final note, I'm about to run short on breast milk.  I think we're gonna have to supplement here soon.  Right now, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to go about it.  Brant is fat (according to us, not the doctor) and Brax has been having so much trouble with the reflux.  Should I keep Brax on breast milk only since it's easier to digest? Or would formula help his belly and help him sleep through the night?  Will Brant gain too much weight on formula? Or should I treat them the exact same?  Ahhhhhhhh!

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