Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twelve Weeks Old

Our babies are almost three months old now.  So much has happened since the last time I wrote.  I've gone back to work, we've had more scares, schedules have been set, weight has been gained (by the babies, of course), sleep has been missed, and personalities have started coming out.

I decided to go back to work at 6 weeks.  I was getting very bored at home.  All I was doing was grunt work: feeding, burping, changing, feeding, burping, changing, and so on.  I needed to get back on a routine, and I missed my normal life.  So I packed up the babies and introduced them to their new babysitters: Miss Karry and Miss Angie.  Six weeks later, the babies are starting to sleep through the night (only if they sleep in the swing), and they seem to love Miss Angie.

The second scare we had came right before I went back to work.  The babies and I had decided to eat lunch with Daddy.  While at the restaurant, Daddy held Brax for a bit while he ate.  When he finished, he put Brax back in the seat, and the babies and I drove to Greenwood to go shopping.  During the drive, Brax randomly yelled out.  Usually he sleeps so well in the car (at this time, anyway), so I was confused as to why he was having so much trouble.  When we got to the store (after drive a half hour on the highway), I climbed in back to feed him thinking he may be hungry.  It was then that I noticed he WASN'T STRAPPED IN!  Somehow, I didn't lose it.  I was immediately thankful that he hadn't been thrown out of his seat.  He was only slumped down a little.  My heart did break thinking that he was probably crying out as he was most likely being thrown around in his seat.

So now to the third scare...maybe I should put something sweet in between before someone calls CPS on us...nah.  This one is short.  I woke up in the middle of the night because one of the babies was crying in the bassinet.  As I'm reaching over the side of the bed, I hear something behind me.  I seriously did a 360 to find a baby sleeping in a boppy in the middle of the bed.  I immediately woke Dad up to find out when he put the baby there and how long our poor child had been sleeping in the SIDS risk.  He, of course, tells me that he hasn't been up all night.  I about fell out of bed.  I had zero recollection of waking up, picking a baby up, putting him in a boppy and then falling back to sleep.  What else could I do without knowing it?  Very scary for mom.  Baby slept just fine.

Two month doctor stats:
Brant: 10 lbs, 11 oz; 22 1/4" long
Brax: 10 lbs, 1 oz; 23 1/2" long

So now for the cute stuff.  You babies have started talking and laughing.  Your little personalities are starting to come out.  Now I wish that I could go on maternity leave and stay home to watch you little people grow up.

Fun note: Brax is my pooper.  Poops out of his diaper all the time.  Brant is the spitter.  You can count on a little something on your shirt from him.

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