Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Months Old

The babies had their first Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed lunch with the Pugh side with 80 others and went to Mimi and Papaw's for dinner on Thanksgiving.  The next day, we ate lunch at Mamaw and Grandpa Jim's.  We also went downtown to see Uncle Jeremy's new apartment and watch the lighting of the Christmas tree.  Elias got to spend the night with Mimi and Papaw and all the cousins.  Saturday night, Mom and Dad went a Mystery Dinner where Mom solved the mystery! 

Brax is now also getting some occupational therapy through First Steps.  They are most concerned about his reflux and the possibility that he is aspirating.  We are taking him to get a swallow study and a pulmonologist for his lingering cough.

The babies have discovered each other!  They have also discovered how fun fighting can be!  Usually Brax (the smaller one) picks on Brant.  :)

Brant's cute little cry has turned into a terrible screechy cry.  He has also learned that if he skips the fussing and goes straight to all out screaming, we move a lot quicker.  Luckily, he hasn't taught his brother that yet.  Smart, really. 

I wake Elias up every morning singing the Raffi song, "Rise and shine!  The day is calling. It's time to rise and shine..."  This morning when I went in there singing, he told me to stop singing that song.  He also said, "Didn't you see the sign outside that said 'No singing!'"  I must've walked right past that.

No matter how upset Brant is, he will always cheer up and laugh as soon as you say "Boo!"

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