Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012

Both babies have started pulling themselves up on the furniture.  Brax is even trying to take steps.

Twins are 10 months!

Brant's has a new angry move.  He balls up his hands and grunts.  He also now moves his tongue side to side.  The kid just never stops.  Too cute.

Elias is finishing up kindergarten.  I don't think he's gonna miss it much.  He does get in trouble a lot and has to sit alone in the back of the room.  Poor kid.  On a higher note, we have a new neighbor behind us.  Elias met Kate.  She is a year older and very outspoken.  I think she'll be good for him. 

Elias is playing soccer again.  He is getting to be really good at it!  He's a great defender and excited about the thought of playing goalie next year.

Elias:  "Watermelon tastes like rainbowwsss..... and macaroni."

For Mother's Day, I asked the boys to construct the pergola for me.  Elias was the supervisor.  He, of course, did a fantastic job.

Brax loves books...  I caught him reading Pooh and talking.  In this picture, he's reading Peek-A-Who.

Brant makes a ton of noise...squeals and kicks and bangs.

Brax taking steps!  May 27 - started taking 4 steps...

At the end of the school year, Elias' teacher asked for me to come in and speak with her about our plans for Elias for the following year.  When I arrived, I found his teacher, Miss Carmichael, and the gifted teacher waiting for me.  She proceeded to tell me that Elias was very intelligent, perhaps the highest kindergartener not only in her class, but the entire school.  I had wanted to have him repeat kindergarten so he would not be the youngest in his class, but after listening to her, we may have to change our plans.  We received a letter in the mail letting us know that he would be tested for the gifted program.  A couple of weeks later, he was tested.  When I asked him how it went, he said it was very easy.  Near the end of May, we received another letter with his test scores.  He tested into the 99th percentile!  What?!  I later attended a program for other parents whose children were tested.  I knew several of them, and asked about their child's scores.  No one came anywhere near Elias', so I started to get nervous.  After the program, I asked Mary Geisting about the score.  She told me that only 7 children actually tested gifted and no one scored in the 99th percentile.  After I showed her Elias' score, she told me she wanted to be sure it wasn't a typo!  The next day, she confirmed that he indeed scored that high and that we would have to keep a very close eye on him.  Oh boy.

Brax got stuck in his shirt.

Mamaw won an award at school for best teacher's aide.  The school called Steve and asked us to keep it a secret.  They also asked us to surprise her by showing up at the school.  So Jim, Jeff, Steve, the kids and I all went.  She was very surprised, started crying (which made me cry, of course) and was very touched to have us all there.

We have now begun summer vacation.  I decided that I needed to make up for the blah summer we had last year (for two very cute reasons) and created The 75 Days of Summer.  Each day we are going to do something out of the ordinary or picture-worthy.  I created it's very own post!

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