Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nine Weeks Five Days

Thank God I'm having twins because, even though I've only gained 3 pounds, I look huge! I'm already wearing maternity shirts, and I bought one of those bella band things so I could hide my unzipped pants, but I can't figure out how to use the thing without smashing the babies or pulling on it constantly, so I have like 3 pair of pants I can wear. I eat no less than every 2 hours. I could eat until I was stuffed, and, two hours later, feel like I haven't eaten all day. I have good days and bad. No sickness, but there are days that I come home and cannot get off the couch. Thank God for Steve. Elias talks to the babies every now and then and gives them a kiss or two. He really wants two boys. Sometimes I can talk him into one boy and one girl, but he will not have two girls. He won't even let us discuss the idea...and I'm kinda with him on that one. Each day, I pray that the babies will be...healthy, happy, wise, strong, and cute! It worked for Elias, so fingers crossed it will for these babies too!

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