Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twelve weeks, one day

I talked to the doctor today. They have diagnosed me with placenta previa which basically just means there's a baby on my cervix. At the moment, it's not a big deal. However, if he/she doesn't move before the third trimester, it could cause all kinds of problems from bleeding, to blood transfusions, to a hysterectomy to bleeding to death. It also means that I could spot for the entirety of my pregnancy. So I went from no periods for 9 months to a constant one. This baby is already in SOO much trouble.

Fun new symptoms include extra saliva and crazy dreams. I mean, I'm like sucking up saliva all the time, so if you see me drooling, don't be alarmed. I also have crazy dreams. They're kinda fun.

In other news, our offer on the house we want was accepted. We're getting a great deal but it needs a little work. Normally, I'd be extra excited about that, but since the previa thing came about, I'm basically not allowed to do anything. And Steve doesn't know how to do anything, so we're gonna have to rely on others, which I suck at. Oh well....all for our kids!

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