Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twenty Seven Weeks, Two Days

I missed a two-week picture, so you get a whole month's worth of updates in one post. :)

So after I told Steve that I didn't want to bet on the NCAA tourney to name the kids...I won the NCAA tournament! I also won the NIT. Which means, had I not been a huge wimp, I could have won the right to name the babies outright and shut him up. Oh least I won.

I had a small baby shower with people from work. They wanted to have one with just them, at my house, on a weekend night so they could drink. Crazy girls. It was very nice and the babies got some cute clothes and other necessities. We should be having another shower in June that will be a baby shower/housewarming/party at our house. Hopefully I'll at least have the painting done!

We went to Branson, MO for Spring Break. Besides the van breaking down, the wet, rainy weather, Steve recovering from Gall Bladder surgery and me having to go to the ER for wheezing, the week was great! Since I'm pregnant with twins, they immediately sent me to labor and delivery where I got yet another ultrasound. Baby A is now head down and everything else looked fine. After watching for contractions for an hour or so, they sent me on my way. The other fun part of the vacation was having Daddy push me in the wheelchair up and down the steep hills at Silver Dollar City. Elias usually rode along too. And the doctors told him he was supposed to be resting. Psht. Not our soldier.

I had my follow-up Doctor's appointment. The baby has moved off of my cervix. Yay! No more previa and all of my restrictions have been lifted. She also told me that the babies could now survive, but of course, to keep taking it as easy as possible to keep them in there. I also drank my glucose drink which wasn't as bad as I remembered. And my fundal height is now measuring as large as a full term woman for single baby. Fantastic. :)

I guess that could explain why work is getting harder and harder. My back hurts all the time, especially when I'm sitting. But if I stand too long, the pressure is insane. I got a belly band to help hold those babies up. It doesn't help my back all that much, but it does make me potty less, which is worth every penny. I'm still working on painting the kitchen (6 weeks after I started) and the babies' room and playroom are next. I hope I make it!

The babies are kicking like crazy ALL the time. Elias got to feel them finally. He was so excited. He wanted to walk around with his hand on my belly all day. :) Steve says he feels them at night when I'm sleeping too. Maybe they'll tire themselves out now and sleep through the night when they get here. It's possible....right?

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