Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012

Elias asked, "Dad can you hear me weasel?" and then fake coughed.  He wanted to stay up later and get a breathing treatment.

Twins are 8 months!

3/10 - Brant got his first tooth

3/10/12  Kaylee and Dustin came to babysit for the very first time.  Everyone survived, so I think it went well...

Both babies are crawling everywhere - Brant still army crawls.

A weekend of fun....
Daddy took Elias to Monster Golf.  They never even made it to the first hole before E got too scared and they had to leave. Wimp.

So instead, they went to Orange Leaf.  Elias left me two berries, melted ice cream, sprinkles, and a  gummy bear.

I took Elias to the school carnival.  He came back as Batman!

I love summer nights when a kid can play outside with new friends all night.  They just don't happen much around here.  Tonight, he got to play outside all night.

I usually make Elias get as much of his own breakfast as he can.  This morning his said, "Can you get me a yogurt?"  I answered, "Why can't you get it?"  His response, "I was just trying to make you nicer."

The weekend was topped off with The Lorax movie.

3-23-12  Daddy went to the Sweet Sixteen IU vs. Kentucky game in Atlanta!

3-27-12 Mommy and Daddy's 2-year anniversary!  Daddy got me a Dallas Clark picture because I love him so (Dallas, I mean.  Well, Daddy too.) already feels like so long, and we're just getting started!  ;)  2 years down...a lifetime to go...

And we'll end with some cute pictures!

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