Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

Brax got his first tooth - February 6, 2012

 Brant got his helmet.  He has a 15mm difference.  After the initial "breaking it in" week, he is supposed to wear it 23 hours a day.  In that one hour off, I am supposed to wash his hair, clean the helmet, and let it dry out.  He doesn't seem to mind it too much.  We're hoping to be finished in 3 months or less!

Babies are 7 months!

Elias got in trouble for showing his "private parts" to the boys in the bathroom being silly.  Fantastic.

Valentine's Day

Elias: "Dad, Mom doesn't ever leave us alone."

Elias just joined a class for kids who are advanced.  We are calling it his "special class."  They are supposed to be working on higher order thinking and such.  Let's hope this helps keep him OUT of trouble.

Brax is afraid of balloons!  Haha.  I will never use this torture him, I promise.  Brant loves them!

Elias wanted daddy to lay with him after he tucked him in. Daddy told him not tonight because he had Orange Leaf ice cream instead. Elias told him, "Alright, take the ice cream out of my belly." Daddy tried it reach in his mouth but told him he couldn't reach it. Elias said, "Cut me open and take it out!"

We ask Elias how school went that day.  He answers: "blah blah blah."  I think that means "awesome."

Feb 15 - Brax started army crawling....while wearing an army outfit

Feb 17 - Brant started army crawling but prefers rolling.

Feb 21 - Brax got his second tooth

Feb 20 - Brant laughs at fake coughing (so cute) and screeches to get our attention (not so cute)

Feb 20 - Brax waved at Brant, screamed from his bed, and then laughed at us.

Feb 23 - Brax laughed at himself in the mirror in the saucer but then started growling at his toys later on.

Feb 25 - Polar Bear Run. I finished 5 miles, running the entire way, in 1 hour 26 seconds. When Elias woke up, Steve told him I was running a race and asked him why he didn't wonder where I was this morning. Elias answered, "If Mom's not home, she is either running or shopping. That's Mom, always running and shopping." Funny cause I rarely do either.

Steve asked Elias, "Why do you always lay on me?"  Elias answered: "Because I love you and you're the best dad ever."

The babies were fussing (that rarely ever happens around here).  Elias told me they needed romance.

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