Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

Elias: "When I was a star in the sky, I played a lot of video games."

Twins are 6 months!

So we're still working on the eating thing.  Brant's not a huge fan.

Brax has started sucking on his bottom lip.  I'm seeing braces in our future!

The babies have learned to shake their heads "no."  This can't be good.

They have also learned to hold their own bottles.  This is a FANTASTIC thing.  I mean, I will truly miss having to hold their bottles as we snuggle each and every time they eat.  Even when they both want to eat at the same time, and refuse to sit still unless being held, and drop the bottles every time I walk away...  Hey! I'm teaching independence here.

Both of the babies have started enjoying books!  After my own heart these two.  And see, we still snuggle!

Elias is playing basketball again at the rec center.  He seems to be much more into it this time around.  I guess he's just going to need a season to whine and complain before deciding he really likes it for every sport he tries.  No problem, son.  We have all kinds of money to waste on sports you refuse to play.

I also started my grad courses back up.  I need to finish my Master's before the state takes away the extra cash for having one.  I may lose my mind...but who are we kidding....there's not much left to lose! 

1/16/12 Doctor's appointment:
Brant: 15 pounds, 6 oz; 26 1/2 inches
Brax: 14 pounds, 4 oz; 27 inches

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