Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eighteen Weeks, Four Days

Wow...the difference a month makes! I'm officially due in 5 months. The babies are kicking around in there a lot now. Still not strong enough for Steve or Elias to feel, but I love it! Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant, and it takes me a minute to figure out what I'm feeling when they kick. Crazy, I know.

I finally gave my maternity leave notice at work. I'm hoping to work until the end of April which would put me around 29 weeks and come back in September. They kept hounding me about submitting my letter, so I just guessed. I can't figure out if they're worried about getting a good replacement or anxious to get me out of there. :)

We also went ahead a bought the cribs. I didn't really want to buy anything until at least 20 weeks, but I found such a good deal on them. I got two of the same, since we're gonna try the share a room thing, for less than the cost of one normally. Oh, and I ordered the valance for the bedding set so I could pick out a paint color. Just the valance though!

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