Monday, February 7, 2011

Sixteen Weeks, Six Days

Today was a big day with our ultrasound and doctor's appointment. After the ultrasound, I headed in to the doctor's office. Nothing too much...just weighed and measured me. My fundal height was 20 cm which is the normal size of a 20 weeker, so not too bad for having two in there. The smaller I can healthily stay, the longer I can work and stay off of bed rest, or so I hope. I do eat all the time...about every 2 hours. And I've been feeling little pokes and such since about 15 weeks. Other than that, I feel great, sleep terribly, but still seem to have a good amount of energy. Now if we could just talk that baby into moving off of my cervix...

Oh yeah...Elias insisted being in on the picture this time. Watch out...he's lasering you!

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