Monday, February 7, 2011

Telling the World

So after the ultrasound, I went shopping for outfits. I wanted a fun way to tell the world that we were having two boys. So I bought the outfits after tons of looking...cute boys' clothes are so hard to find...we invited Steve's parents (mine couldn't make it) out to dinner. I had Elias pull out the outfits one at a time and tell them the names we (I) picked out.
Later that night, I sent out a four part text to everyone else. First one said something about the fact that we had the ultrasound and I went shopping after. The next one was a picture of the outfit and Brant Douglas' name. The third one was the second outfit and Brax Robert's name. The last one pretty much just wrapped up that there we saw two healthy boys!

I've had lots of questions about the names. Brant just sorta came to me as Elias, Steve and I were driving down to Bloomington one day for a football game and we were discussing names. Douglas is the name of Steve's older brother who died when Doug was five. Braxton is a name I see a lot floating around on the baby boards, but I didn't think it sounded good with our last name, so I dumped the end of it. Robert is Steve and his dad's middle name and Steve's grandpa's name. Of course, now Steve likes to tease me about the names. He wants to name one Ryne and the other Sandberg. Jokingly, I hope. Well, either way, it doesn't matter...

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